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AGE Smart

Age Smart

Wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone… we all associate these changes with skin aging. Age-related skin changes are the result of geneticallyprogrammed changes (intrinsic factors) and environmental wear-and-tear on the skin (extrinsic factors). While both influence the skin’s structure and function, extrinsic factors cause more pronounced changes. Estimates state that 80-99% of what we see on our skin as adults is the result of exposure to daylight, which is referred to as photoaging. Manifestations of photoaging include an increase in wrinkle formation, a loss of tension and elasticity, degeneration of the vascular supply and skin thickness, a reduction in the water-binding properties of the skin, dilated capillaries (telangiectasis), hyperpigmentation and other skin discoloration.

  • €57.30 €51.57 Age Smart Kit
    Age Smart Kit For mature and prematurely-aging skin. The AGE Smart™ Starter Kit contains a full month’s regimen you can use every day for firmer, smoother, healthier skin. Use morning and night, or as directed...
  • €55.90 €50.30 Multivitamin Thermafoliant 75ml
    Multivitamin Thermafoliant This powerful, self-heating skin polisher combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture, promote skin firmness, and enhance penetration of age-fighting vitamins into skin...
  • €49.95 €45.00 skin perfect primer
    Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 22ml Suitable for ALL skin tones Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 is designed to smooth away fine lines, brighten and prime the skin. For flawless make-up application use...

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